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Reterro is a private equity funded Start-up in the Environmental Remediation Space. Reterro’s products are configured into ISO containers and moved to a remediation location. The remediation team processes contaminated soil and waste on site eliminating the need to haul soils to off-site incinerators.

In 2014, Reterro selected Nostromo to provide project engineering for Reterro. Reterro need an agile supplier to model and designing heat and supporting mechanical systems, select supplies allowing Reterro to produce the system in United States. Reterro’s VP of engineering reviewed and approved designs that were then conveyed to Reterro’s purchasers and assembly contractor.

Reterro assembled and outfitted ISO containers that went immediately into service in cleaning up the multiple cites in CA, AK and TX.

Work Completed

  • Modeling to include thermal and convection
  • Design Packages
  • Specification
  • Production and Assembly Work Instructions
  • Operator Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Operational Data Base