Selection of energetics materials for ordnance is a collaborative effort heavily influenced by customer supply chain preferences and requirements. Single, double and triple based propellants have attributes allowing for optimization of performance in propulsion systems. Similarly, the array of new explosives a producer has available is greatly influenced by the buyers requirements, safety and purchasing preferences. IM explosives often allow for improvement in MIL-STD-2105 testing. Venting of older RDX and Comp B explosives can provide safety measures at a lower cost in lieu of introducing expensive, new energetic technology.

Propulsion and Propellants

Dr. Roy Kelly is an expert in pyrotechnics and will help you select excellent primers and propellant combinations, to reliably initiate propellant burning and deliver of projectiles to a target. Designs will influence the repeatability and energy imparted by propulsions as quality corresponds to reliable round to round shots with minimum muzzle velocity variation. We also have expertise in propulsion venting for improved compliance to MIL-STD 2105 [Link to Munitions Safety (IM)

Warheads and Explosives

Numerous compositions are available in the market and the US Department of Defense is developing modern IM explosives. We have experience developing processes for pressing, casting, melt pour and other unique loading techniques.


Ignition, color and out-put intensity of pyrotechnic reactions must be balanced with a myriad of considerations to include environmental impact, health and human safety, cost, packaging and shelf life. Dr. Kelly’s lifetime of expertise working to meet US Navy and US Army demands in regard to energetic safety, constituent material availability and service qualification allow Nostromo to effectively advise clients to modify energetic materials, so that ammunition conforms to unique service requirements.

High Tech Background