IM Venting Technologies

NATO countries are encouraging development of safer munitions that are less sensitive to outside stimuli like fires, fragments, etc. These technologies may also reduce the applied UN hazard classification assigned to munitions. Nostromo has been awarded patents for unique technologies for

  • Propulsion Venting
  • Warhead and Warhead Venting

Our goal is to engineer and grant licenses to manufacturers allowing affordable safer transport of ammunition and improved survivability.

Propulsion Venting

Propulsion venting uses both eutectic and memory metal, and combinations to vent propulsions in the event ammunition cartridges are exposed to fires.


  • Eutectic Venting Solutions US8573127, EP 2856067A1 and WO 2013 180739
  • Smart Memory Metal Solutions US 8925463 and EP 2856067A1

Warhead and Venting

Nostromo has also pioneered solutions to vent warheads at the fuze – warhead interface. The benefit of this approach is to minimizes impact to the supply chain. We have also developed a unique warhead technology that produces a reliable fragmentation when used with a variety of IM explosive fills.


  • Eutectic Venting Solution US Patent 9,410,782
  • Patent Application 2016/0258727.

Mortar Safety

While Mortar systems are fielded for their portability and mobile firepower, Mortar systems are also known for contributing to the occasional mass accidents. Most accidents relate to an unobserved or unrecognized miss-fire event. Nostromo has developed technology to prevent mortar accidents. The system provides a warning in the event of a misfire and also measures the exit velocity of a projectile. This system can be fitted with a mortar programming unit


  • US Patent 9,574,837

High Tech Background