“The standard deviation in Muzzle Velocity is reduced by 50% by identifying the specific lot number of the ammunition being fired and using the Muzzle Velocity for that specific lot to compute a more accurate ballistic solution.” — RDECOM-ARDEC 17 May 2005

Coupling mortar safety devices, muzzle velocity measurement and programming systems provides improved crew safety and operational performance.

Mortar Accidents occur regularly with NATO forces. Crews do not distinguish a misfire from a proper functioning cartridge, leading to a double-load.

Unit / Location Year Mortar Type Killed Wounded Probable Cause
Greek Army
Glafyra’ firing range in Magnesia
2015 81mm 3 1 No Announcements Yet
US Marines (Nevada) 2013 60mm 7 8 Double loading and Hang Fire
Romanian Army 2010 Unspecified 3 3 Double loading
British Army 1982 81mm 3 2 Double loading
US Army (Hawaii) 2006 81mm 1 4 Double loading
Ukranian Army 2008 120mm 1 3 Double loading
Finnish Army 2005 120mm 1 5 Double loading
Total 19 26 45 Casualties

Coupling a safety device to muzzle velocity measurement and post shot programming provides for an automated programming for the next generation of MOFA fuze programming.

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