US Patent 9,600,900 B2 establishes a method to measure muzzle velocity at exit and use post shot programming to optimize air-burst muntions. Multiple programming methodologies are useful, depending on the velocity of the exiting projectile. Contact Nostromo-Group, we would be pleased to help you work with you. We have been integrating, developing and fielding air-burst technology since 1997.

Claim 13 of Nostromo’s US Patent 9,600,900 provides for measurement the muzzle velocity of a projectile transiting and exiting the barrel coupled to a target ranging device, where a calculator or fire control calculates the time of flight or distance to burst using the measured muzzle velocity and then transmitting the time to burst or distance to burst data to a projectile that has exited the weapon.

Nostromo’s Briefing at NDIA Fredericksburg VA (May 2017) entitled 40mm AGL System Improvement Strategies provides a roadmap to improved effectiveness of 40mm AGLs that include Nostromo post-shot programming technology.

High Tech Background