The US Patent office has recognized that Nostromo has produced four significant concepts to greatly improve precision of weaponry.

US Patent 8,499,693 provides a method for optical modem transmitting location information and elapsed time data from a projectile to a fire control system.

US Patent 9,250,035 B2 provides a useful method to leverage NATO STANAG power rails to use a combination of sensors, ballistics and application protocol interfaces (API) coupled to filters and a ballistic kernel to deliver improved aiming solutions.

US Patent 9,600,900 B2 establishes a method to measure muzzle velocity at exit and use post shot programming to optimize air-burst muntions.

US Patent 9,573,837 provides for a safety device to warn soldiers and marines when mortar projectiles fail to function.

Patent Information Title Small Arms AGLs Mortars Cannons Other
US Patent 8,499,693 Issue 13 Dec 2011 Optiocal (Strobe) Tracer
US Patent 9,250,035 B2 Issue 2 Feb 2016 Precision Aiming System for a Weapon
US Patent 9,573,837 Issue 21 Feb 2017 Mortar Safety Device (coupled to measure muzzle velocity)
US Patent 9,600,900 B2 Issue 21 Mar 2017 System to Measure Yaw, Spin and Muzzle Velocity of Projectiles, Improve Fire Control Fidelity and Reduce Shot to Shot Dispersion in both conventional and air-bursting programmable projectiles

We have international counterparts issued or pending for most patents.

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