Short Range Training Ammunition (WO 2015/183371 A2)

Our unique concept uses liquid induced moments to induce instability in the projectile after an initial range match distance. Unlike other technologies that use de-spinners, our patented technology uses full metal jacket projectiles with a core material that transitions from solid to liquid after ~1 second of flight. The advantage is that the ammunition can meet requirements for land warfare, provide a short range match. De-spun ammunition does not really match ball ammunition and is not jacketed, precluding tactical use by militaries.

Marking with a Liquid Payload (US Patent 9,217,627)

This patent provides a packaging configuration to provide chemiluminescent payloads for day and night marking of targets.

Training Device (US Patent 8,459,996)

This patent provides for a system to allow laser target designator depressed, at an angle that corresponds to the drop of a projectile in flight.  This system is especially useful for 40mm AGL’s that fire costly ammunition.   The device allows for gunners to familiarize themselves with requisite targeting and aiming of 40mm AGLs.

High Tech Background